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The Golden Years


Golden Years is an upcoming retirement village for senior citizens (above 55yrs) near Kottayam town.
Growing old is a natural process in life. With an ever changing society and lifestyle, the senior care sector in Kerala has seen a revolution in the last few years. The need for care and social interaction as well as a sense of security being taken care of, is the necessity of the hour.

What is Independent Living?
Independent senior living is for older adults looking for an active, engaged lifestyle free of day-to-day chores. Independent living communities are also known as Retirement communities/homes or Senior Housing. Independent Living offers all the advantages of being in your own home, without the hassle of maintenance, routine work or even cooking. You get to tailor make your independent living experience with a host of lifestyle alternatives.

Why “Retirement Home” is the right decision?
Hassle Free living: For many of Retirees, quite often the family home has become too big, the surroundings and gardens increasingly more difficult to maintain, the house more challenging to clean, and just as soon as everything is tended to, the cycle starts all over again!
Social Interaction/Companionship: Simply coming to the realisation that the area/society in which you live has changed significantly, people have moved on, loneliness or social isolation, loss of a spouse, lack of like-minded friends are facts of life.
Health and Wellbeing: Declining Health status is a growing concern for everyone as they grow older. Availability of medical services near reach and need for guidance and support, both physical and psychological is a cause for concern for many seniors.
Facilities & Services: Many facilities and services seems difficult to reach, afford and enjoy when we try at it single handedly. But much more reachable, manageable and enjoyable when approached by a group guided by a professional.
Security and Peace of Mind: Elderly population living isolated in large houses concerned about their own safety and security, feeling exhausted and tired trying to protect themselves and their belongings is a common scene now-a-days. Whether you are on your own or with your spouse, being around like-minded people in a safe/secure community environment can bring a great sense of peace and comfort to you and just as importantly, your loved ones.

“Thus we provide you with an independent life style; where all the time consuming routines and maintenance jobs are taken care of, all the time to relax and enjoy your retirement, a closer-knit community environment where you belong and contribute as part of a community, feel a sense of security and still live independently with all of the freedom and privacy you deserve.”

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